Emotional Body Transmutation

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Emotional Body Transmutation

To start Visualize the body in this way. First, there’s the physical body. Second, layer up is the emotional body, third, is the mind or mental body, and last is the spirit or life body. Each layer is 6 to 12 inches.
Before beginning take a deep breath and notice the effort required to breathe. You’ll want to compare this later. Begin at the Spleen Chakra. Visualize a cube in the spirit body level. This cube can be any color and may change colors during the transmutation process. Now visualize laser beams of any color that comes to mind flowing into the center of each face of the cube, 4 of them. Because of the colliding of the beams in the center of the cube the laser light will be reflected back at 45 degree angles. This will cause the cube to have beams of light emitting from each of the 8 corners. Now begin rolling the cube from the underside toward the chin. Once you’ve established this motion pattern add a second motion by spinning the cube from left to right. If you have a problem with understanding this, think about a gyroscope spinning inside it’s housing then spin the housing left to right. And lastly since we've moved into the 4th dimensional aspect of this process spin the 3rd direction by imagining Yourself standing outside Your body looking back at it and add the last spin in a clockwise direction.  Don’t get to mental about this just do it. After having established this motion pattern you’ll see that the 8 leaving beams and 4 entering beams create a series of 10 circles. Now allow this “living hologram” [we’re defining life as motion here] to slowly settle down through each of the energy bodies and into your physical body allowing the rings to protrude outside of the physical body. At this point visualize all of the emotional body as well as all of the emotional body attachments in the physical body as a specific color. What you’ll notice is that the entire physical body is lit up. Now draw the lit up energy into the cube and retain it there temporarily. Next create two “violet flames”. One over the spleen chakra, the other over the navel chakra. These violet flames will transmute or change lower vibrational emotional energies into Spirit or Life Body Energy. At this point allow the energy to flow from the living cube through the violet flame into the spirit body. At this time the body will be empty and will require that you now return Spirit body energy through the violet flame and into the physical body and also refill the energetic emotional body. Spirit body energy can be visualized as a color, frequency or feeling of energy. Once this is filled take a deep breath an notice how much lighter the chest and abdomen feel. You’ll want to leave both the living hologram and violet flames in place. This is done for this reason. If anyone says something or does something that would normally have upset you [pushed your buttons] with intention move this energy down to the living hologram and out through the violet flame into your on spirit body energy. This retains the energy in the life portion of you energy and not the destructive emotional energy. Once complete this transmutation leaves you with only Love and it’s branch feelings. Anger, fear, hate, frustration, and all the other “emotions” don’t and won’t serve you so let’s get rid of them. The violet flame over your navel chakra is for the times when “you’re your own worst enemy”. Those times when you think to yourself something like “well that was really stupid you dummy” or along those lines, move these thoughts through the violet flame at the navel chakra as this is the one that will react to this type of negative input. Transmute these thought energies just as you did for the spleen chakra allowing a negative to become positive life or spirit body energy.
Remember that with any motion of any object as we created above making a hologram by motion, this will create a living symbol, object, or thought. Consequently, anything you desire to create that has life will of necessity have all of these motion patterns simultaneously. Once you’ve started this “live / motion” cycle it will continue until “you” stop or dismantle it, if emotions themselves stop this hologram, simply follow the above again and recreate it.