Inversion and Positive Attitude

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How does one deal with the 24/7 effect of gravity?  Itís been our experience that using an inversion table will ďgreatlyĒ aid the body in recovering a large number of imbalances.  By starting slowly, maybe 20 degrees past horizontal and over the next two to six months find the angle of inversion thatís comfortable for you, youíll be able to begin replacing the missing space in between the vertebra of the spine as well as restore dropped organs to their original or near original position, especially the intestines, heart and lungs.  Why not just go straight upside down?  Mostly because the vast majority of us havenít been upside down since high school or grade school.  When initially inverting blood creates a great deal of pressure in the head, eyes, ears and sinuses.  By starting gradually you allow for the adaptation of the system.

Positive Attitude!!!

A Positive attitude can make the difference between getting better or holding your own.  This has been our experience anyway.  With the use of muscle testing one can very rapidly see the imbalance created by a negative or less desirable attitude.  Thoughts that create weakness in the system are of course not going to be beneficial to the healing or stability process of the body or the mind.  We believe you draw to yourself those thing placed in the thought field.  Therefore, less desirable thoughts create a less desirable environment.  We have over a time developed a mechanism to transmute the emotional body.  This aids greatly in staying positive through reduction of emotional response.  There are many good books on positive thinking, one only need to go to the library or local book store.  Bottom line, help yourself to a happier, healthier life through positive thinking.


Disk Healing  Water-Food Combining  Short Circuits 

Acid Neutral Foods  Alkaline Foods  Food Combination Chart