Introduction to Lenny Lee, Kloepper 2nd

Hello all ! My name is Lenny L. Kloepper 2nd, son of Lenny L Kloepper. Allow me to briefly describe who I am …I am a Virgo born September of 1977. I am an extremely easy going individual & the kind of man that would give the shirt off my back to help a person in need . My motto is “Live and love life!”

I am currently studying to be a healer like my Pop. Life has funny ways of working out …I had moved down to Colorado in August of 2010 to take care of my Grandpa, Eric F. Kloepper until he moved on in March of this year . It has been through this experience that I have discovered I have the gift of intuition , same as my Pop , that I am developing more every day ! I also started recalling things from my childhood; such as helping my sister LeAn with a scraped knee on the playground by holding my hand just above the scrape and focusing on the relief of the pain for her. I didn’t really understand at eight years of age why or how this helped but it did. She stopped crying and went back to running around happy as a child should . A more recent example was actually the day I decided this is what I am here to do . Pop, River and I were having dinner and Pop was describing a healing room filled with crystals and stones of various varieties . Just before he was going to tell me what the stone was, at the head of the bed I got a clear vision of a beautiful, large pink stone ,which I described to him . He then proceeded to tell me I was absolutely correct, the stone was a massive piece of rose quartz. It has been from that point on I have been studying under my father to heal people . I have been balancing structure , energetic acupuncture and charkas for my friend in Montana Robyn and her mother with wonderful success .

Well all , just wanted to give you an introduction as to who I am and what my intentions are in life. I am excited to help all people, animals and energies . I would like to extend my thanks to mother earth , father sun, and all for being here for this very exciting time of changes and love….wonderful time to be alive!

Live & Love Life!


Lenny L. Kloepper 2nd