Psychic Readings by Doctor Lenny Kloepper

     Hi All, I'd like to offer you the opportunity to do Psychic Readings by e-mail at:


      I will work with any questions, most are concise answers and I can deal with them in a 15 minutes session.  If your questions go over the allocated time I will e-mail you to see if you want to continue with the next 15 minute session.  The link below will take you to the order section for your payment. 

    I can at this time balance structure, acupuncture and energy of people and animals at a distance.  Because I've developed an intuitive and empathetic ability to "see or feel" what's happening plus have the added bonus of being able to move energy to balance both energy and structure I've moved into a relatively unique category of both psychic and healer.

Thanks for your interest.   Doctor Lenny.



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