Staying Grounded

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Staying Grounded in the up coming time will be very important. The common ways of grounding one's physical / energetic bodies are:
1. Walk, especially in nature. The city will provide little assistance in grounding if there's much activity. Small towns however will usually have a park or town center that can be used for this purpose especially in off periods, mid morning, mid afternoon, after business close and so forth.
2 . Physically sitting on the ground will often bring energies back into balance with minimum effort. This of course is dependant on weather conditions and dress.
3. Meditation of course is another fine way to ground yourself. An empty mind will greatly reduce the blockages to vertical energy flow from crown chakra to ground cord between the anus and genitals.
4. To add to the ability to remain grounded River [my partner] and myself have added this approach. We "bring in the planets". Allow me to explain. Using the Crown Chakra [Eastern traditional name for the heads energy center / source] we visualize or think about what each
symbol looks like the bring this symbol from the head down the spinal energy pathway [I always called it the Kundalini pathway but the descending column has a specific name] down through the ground cord [between anus and genitals] into the earth, then back up through the soles of the feet allowing the symbol to fill the auric field [personal space that surrounds the body at about 1 arms length, under the feet too]. We move through each symbol. Sun, Moon, Pluto, Jupiter, Mercury,
Mars, Venus, Uranus, Neptune, Chiron and North Node {Point of Luck}. This process will become familiar enough to do even if stuck in traffic. By maintaining the inflowing of these symbols we support the energies these planets provide, especially if the planet happens to be retrograde
[appears to be moving backward in relationship to your view from earth]. We've found that retrograde planets take a virtual river of energy in normal circumstances and reduce it to a small stream when retrograde. With intention bring in the planets and especially the retrograde ones allow for not only your increased support of these energies but also are providing the earth around you with that increase too. Hope this helps all stay Happy, Healthy, and Grounded during this
increasing time of earth frequencies.
Symbols can be viewed at this site: Chiron, whom we add routinely is under other symbols and asteroids.