How to use Homeopathic Remedies


When using homeopathic remedies the following process renders the maximum support from the remedy:


1.  Sucuss [jar the bottle 8-10 times like people pack cigarettes] the remedy, this adds a tiny bit more energy to the remedy asking the body to work slightly harder each dose.


2.  Pour the appropriate number of pellets in the cap, holding or touching the remedy will create some loss of the energy in the pellet.


3.  Place the remedy / remedies under the tongue and let them dissolve.


4.  No water 10 minutes before or after taking the remedy.


5.  Avoid strong foods or odors: garlic, onions, and for some hot peppers and from the odor side a strong smell like gasoline or similar can stop the remedy in which case another dose is appropriate.  If food has stopped the remedy please allow time for digesting the food consumed, generally 1-2 hours before taking another dose.


6.  Remember that if You use too much of a remedy be that in dosage, length of time or both the remedy will "prove" itself.  This means it will cause the same symptoms you're attempting to fix again and / or intensify the symptoms.  If this occurs simply quit using the remedy it will clear itself in the next few days to a week under average conditions [I've seen up to 2 weeks but this is an exception], no harm done.


O.K. we do have a dvd on homeopathic remedies and muscle testing for them if You're interested.