Water Requirements - Food Combining

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Since 60-70% of our bodies are water itís important to drink a minimum of 1/3 to a maximum of 1/2 of your bodies weight in ounces each day.  If you are not a water drinker, it's best to saturate the body for a week by using 1/2 of your bodies weight in ounces then maintain with 1/3 of the bodies weight in ounces per day.  If you are sweating then water will increase above the minimum level by that proportion.  As an example if we use 120 lbs ų 3 we get 40 ounces or 1 quart plus one 8 ounce glass.

Food Combining?

Itís been our experience that combining protein, carbohydrates, and sugars at the same meal creates inefficient digestion.  The use of single food meals is what we suggest.  Digestion times for different foods follows:


1.        Red meat [split hoof animals, beef, pork, elk, etc.] about two hours.

2.        White meat [chicken, turkey and fish] about one hour.

3.        Dairy forty-five minutes to one hour.

4.        Grains forty five minutes to one hour.

5.        Nuts forty-five minutes to one hour.

6.        Vegetable thirty to forty-five minutes.


1.        Cauliflower, potatoes, rice, beets, parsnips, rutabaga, squash, pumpkin, etc. are about thirty to forty-five minutes.


Apples, oranges, grapefruit, grapes, banana, melons, etc. are about twenty to thirty minutes.


Honey is best about 15-45 minutes.  Simples sugars 10-20 minutes and includes white sugar which we do "not" recommend.

Disk Healing        Inversion-Positive Attitude        Short Circuits        Acid Neutral Foods  Alkaline Foods  Food Combination Chart



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