About Dr. Lenny Kloepper by River

I would like to try to express what an exceptionally intuitive man Doctor Lenny is. He has the empathic ability to feel what peoples bodies are feeling. He has the sixth sense to see what is happening in all aspects of the body, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. His understanding of these aspects of the body gives him the information to help people heal who have "dis-eases" of the body that are sometimes labeled incurable. I believe all things can be healed or greatly improved. Where do we start? Always with the structure! It amazes me still how the aligning of the structure improves well being.

Doctor Lenny is a very thorough teacher. He has the ability and desire to help people learn how to take care of themselves. I had no experience in any natural healing. When I met Lenny he had me fixing his bones on one of our first dates. I was so amazed I could do this. The reason I could was the muscle testing. It told me which bone was out, which way it needed to move and after moving the bone, if it tested strong I knew I was successful. If it was still weak I knew I had to try again. The DVDs show you exactly how to find, test and fix the whole body. If you do the whole body the alignment holds better.

The DVDs will show you how to fix each other at the first sign of discomfort no matter where you are, on the road, camping or in your home. This makes life a lot more fun.

The sooner you fix an injury the easier it is to fix and the less pain you have to endure. What's the best way to treat a headache? Fix the Neck! Much easier on the liver than taking over the counter meds. The stress, pain, time and money you will save if you learn to fix your partner and your partner fix you will be enormous.
One of the areas of interest is the ability to use energy for healing at a distance. This is accomplished by being able to empathically feel and see the imbalances, then use the energy to correct the imbalance.
The comment I hear from people all the time is that this is life changing. Ask yourself who cares about you the most? The answer, your partner!

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I can't even begin to express how practical, easy and liberating it is...
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