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This is an example of the contents of the DVD's.
Quick Menu Reference Guide Back of Body

1.Muscle test back body
* 2nd view test back body
* Dropped Sacrum
* 2nd view dropped sacrum
* 3rd view dropped sacrum
* 4th view dropped sacrum


4.Test - Align Thoracics
* 2nd view test - align thoracics
* Forward [anterior] thoracics
* 2nd view forward thoracics
* Fix ribs
* 2nd view fix ribs

2. Sideways tail bone
* 2nd view sideways tail bone
* Forward tail bone
* 2nd view forward tail bone
* Backward tail bone
* 2nd view backward tail bone


5.How Chakras flow
* Testing Chakras
* Fixing Chakras
* Differentiate Chakra Problems
* Test for specific energy bodies - Align Structure energetically
* Fix front - back horizontal chakras

3. Backward Sacrum
* 2nd view backward sacrum
* Pelvic rolls alternative alignments
* 2nd view pelvic rolls
* Low back alignment
* 2nd view low back alignment


6.Chakra Colors - Conclusion

I can't even begin to express how practical, easy and liberating it is...
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