Health Talk - Emotional Body Transmutation

Hi All, Just wanted to make a few comments on the Emotional Body Transmutation.  Following this procedure [You'll find this on the Access to Rest of Site page under the last link called "Healing Information", when open will present a link to the "Emotional Body Transmutation" page] and practicing each day will allow a gradual stable move away from having everything that's not what you expected to be, become an emotional response.  River and I have used this for some time now and in general it lends itself to allowing one to walk through life as an "observer" verse being an emotional response system.  Quit truthfully I believe this system to be an add on to the physical and energetic bodies we had originally.  This came about after reading Barbara Hand Clow's book "The Pleiadian Agenda".  At that point I had a burning desire to rid myself of the emotional body but had no way of accomplishing the task.  About 1 Year later I was eating breakfast and watching the snow flakes fall and the vision of how to create the "living hologram" simply presented itself to me.  After River and I transmuted our emotional bodies and lived with "just love" one of my two remaining guides at that time made this statement to me.  If 1000 People can transmute and maintain the transmutation of the emotional body the 100th monkey, in this case the 1000th transmute, process would begin impacting the universal energies and of consequence all other people open to this type of change.  Just a few comments on the state of the "living hologram".

Stay healthy, happy and wise, all else will come.

Doctor Lenny.

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