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 As is true of all people I have an opinion about the value of drugs.  First let me say that drugs in the light of trauma care or acute care are of life saving value.  A car accident or trauma of that sort can be life threatening and in these instances drugs and this type of medical care are invaluable.  My problem with drugs is in chronic or long term care.  Medications like antibiotics will often times create very short term relief in exchange for re-occurring problems later on.  Why?  Antibiotic resistant bacteria result from Antibiotic overuse.  These resistant bacteria will often produce the next infection process.  This time the resistant bacteria will require a stronger antibiotic, again resulting in improvement with resulting left over more resistant bacteria. This cycle will often times persist through a minimum of three antibiotic cycles.  The next result is that the yeast, fungus, and virus will multiply as the body deals with the removal of the antibiotic which is not a naturally occurring substance in the body.  Rather, these are chemicals which often don't breakdown at all or to a minimal extent, the result, toxicity.  Other drugs used over a long term for control of cholesterol, blood pressure, and any number of other "malfunctions" of the body all result in toxicity and long term secondary symptoms from the drug side effects themselves.  Result, more drugs.  Am I saying never use drugs?  No, but if a natural substance, be that vitamin, mineral, food, herb, or homeopathic remedy, will treat your symptom without the drug you'll have no drug side effects to deal with.  Again, these are my personal opinions based on 38 years of observation.  There was a time in my early practice years when a 350-450 cholesterol was normal.  So why 200 or less now.  Are we healthier because of this?  You can answer these questions for yourself.  Stay Healthy.  Doctor Lenny.

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