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Hi all, Just wanted to continue to provide information I believe to be useful for over all health.  First, with children, fevers are a common pattern with children since they are being exposed to new pathogens as far as their new immune systems are concerned.  It is my opinion that fevers are a natural way of destroying invading pathogens, even viral type things.  So, what are the rules with fevers?  First, there's a maximum fever duration that can be allowed, the following are from a book I wrote a few years back.  Here are my guidelines (the one experience treating people for twenty-four years has established) for dealing with temperatures that are elevated past one hundred three degrees.  If the temperature reaches one hundred seven degrees allow a maximum of one hour before lowering the temperature.  At one hundred six allow a maximum of three hours.  At one hundred five allow a maximum of five hours.  At one hundred four allow a maximum of twelve hours.  At one hundred three degrees the temperature can remain an indefinite period of time.  Now comes the time for some common sense.  If you are dealing with children or elderly people, consider the following factors in dealing with the times listed above.  If the health of the child or elderly person is poor to begin with.  If there is dehydration this is a noted loss of fluids from excess perspiration, diarrhea and / or increased loss of fluid through large quantities of dilute urine. If there is excessive blood loss, this however is usually not difficult to determine [obvious loss of frank blood, black stools, blood in stool or urine or weakness   from an initial inability or noted decrease in eating over a period of time. Any of these factors would create a very noted decrease in the ability of the person to tolerate a high fever.  In such cases the use of alcohol rubdowns or cool to cold baths to reduce the fever is in order.  In general if you are dealing with a weakened person in some way it is appropriate, in my opinion, to allow a fever of no more than one hundred three degrees.  In extreme cases packing a person in ice may be the only way to stop the continued elevation of the temperature.  This move is however very drastic and requires monitoring the temperature every five minutes.  Once the temperature reaches one hundred three or below, remove the ice.  Keep the person blanketed in between, and place them in a tub of tepid (lukewarm) water and continue to monitor the temperature every five minutes.  Even in a weakened person a one hundred two or three degree temperature will allow healing with the ability to keep up with fluid and food intake.  Please understand that this approach will create the very best long-term response.  Just for me, from my own perspective, I really wonder about the connection between suppression of temperatures and Alzheimer’s.  If you think back you’ll find that the people experiencing such things are the older people who were in the era of sulfa and penicillin.  I have no way of understanding why I feel this way, this thought just keeps coming back.  Oh well, one day we may or may not see a correlation.  My ability to understand the use of non conservative care for trivial things such as colds, sore throats, etc. is quite limited.  If one understands that the origin of non conservative care was during the plagues, then let us follow the logic to its’ completion. 

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