Doctor Lenny and River,

    It has been two years since my husband and I have learned to fix ourselves. I can't even begin to express how practical, easy and liberating it is to be able to put a disc back in by yourself! Each and ever time we adjust a disk, fix a knee or center our hips we always say, "Thank goodness for Doctor Lenny!" It is great to be independent. It is great to save money on doctor bills. It's great to take 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home to fix a disc rather than running to a chiropractor. And it is great to take your own well being into your own hands. I recommend Dr. Lenny's DVD to anyone and everyone with a body!
K & E


Doctor Lenny & River,

    I wanted to tell you about something interesting that happened this morning....and I definitely feel that it's due to your coaching.... Ty leaves for work at 5:30 in the morning and I don't always get up with him, but I always wake up. This morning after he left, I was so comfortable, and so sleepy, I was so ready to drop back off to sleep, but there was something not right.....then I felt two rectangular blocks of iron or lead, I'm thinking lead, drop with a thud to the left of my heart chakra. I could almost hear them land. They were heavy, and it was difficult for me to breathe. But the heaviness wasn't a physical sensation, it was all in the energy field. Still, I couldn't relax and go back to sleep because I felt like I had to put my breathing on manual override. Finally, I got up and got the essential oil combo, Joy, which is for the heart chakra, and put on a couple of drops. I got total relief. And the funny thing about it too, is that for some reason, I meant to put on some Joy before I went to bed last night, can't remember why. Also, the label on the bottle of Joy is pink....just like you had me visualize. I thought that was really interesting too. Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your encouragement and enlightenment that is helping me to care at least for myself in a new way. And I think of all the people, most everyone, that walks around carrying such heavy health burdens, even in ways they don't tune in to, like in their energy field, soon to become physical difficulties. So I am excited about this little bit of progress I am making. Thank you!!! Love you guys!
S. M.

4/2/05- Hello sir Lenny &River I feel very well, just a little pain in my left leg, I bought a lot of chocolate for you & River cause Sundee told me you like it. When do you want to do the second session. Love Mike from Germany.

4/7/05- Good morning Sir Lenny and River , It goes better now , just pain when I stand up from bed or chair. I can drive again . I stopped taking the aspirin infusion. thanks for helping me , I am so glad that you helped me. Thanks for all . What do you think about another session, or should we wait some time. Love Mike from Germany

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