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Disk Healing!

Forward disks:  If you have a FORWARD bulge or protrusion of a disk in your neck or lower back it is necessary for a period of six weeks [6 weeks] to keep your body in a forward bent position.  Extension or bending backward of the head, neck or low back will result in the displacement [re bulging] of the just fixed disk as well as a loss of the strength pattern.  Most importantly, the PAIN will return.

Neck: Things To Avoid

1.           Bending head backward when you drink, using a straw or tipping the glass / bottle and not your head will aid greatly.

2.           Bend head forward when showering, not backward.

3.           Do your best to be aware of any and all backward motions, looking up at a clock, stars, planes, and the like.

4.           Using neck pillows that sway or push the neck forward.

5.      If you do Yoga, it's best to avoid this practice for the 6 week necessary to heal the disk injury.

Low back: Things to avoid:

1.           Propping anything in the small of the back when driving.

2.           Placing things over head or working over head especially if you are not quite tall enough and have to stretch to reach.

3.           Pushing things, especially heavy things like cars or doors that stick or are just heavy.

4.           Twisting motions like shoveling, golf, loading / unloading wood and the like.

5.      If you do Yoga, it's best to avoid this practice for the 6 week necessary to heal the disk injury. 


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