Watches and Closed Metal Bands/Bracelets

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Closed Metal Circuits?

It has been our experience over the years that closed metal circuits [metal watch bands, bracelets, Concho Belts, Ankle Bracelets, Toe and Finger Rings] unless they are 14 Caret Gold or better will reduce the energy in the Acupuncture System.  This constitutes a short circuit.  It would be no different if you placed the watch, ring or whatever over two stripped AC electric current wires.  It would trip the breaker, a short if you will.  Another way of looking at this is to use an acupuncture chart and note the energy of the meridians runs in the long axis of the body, in other words, up and down.  If you close a metal circuit around a wrist, waist, ankle, toe or finger you are asking the energy to go in a circle instead of up and down.  Using leather, plastic, rayon, or other types of non conductive materials to go around the body will not only allow the structure to stay aligned more efficiently, it will increase the strength of the muscles as well as allow a maximum function of the organs.  So, Please remove the short circuits from your body, you and it will be much happier.


 Disk Healing  Water-Food Combining   Inversion-Positive Attitude    Acid Neutral Foods  Alkaline Foods  Food Combination Chart