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This is an example of the contents of the DVD's.
Quick Menu Reference Guide Back of Body

1. Test for forward disks
* 2nd view test for forward disks
* 3rd view test for forward disks
* Locate disks
* 2nd view locate disks
* 3rd view locate disks


4. 3rd view Hiatial Hernia
* Tight Diaphragm
* 2nd view tight diaphragm
* 3rd view tight diaphragm
* Short [compressed] neck
* 2nd view short neck

2. Realign forward disks
* 2nd view realign disks
* Review Mechanics Align Disks
* 2nd view review mechanics align disks
* 3rd view review mechanics align disks
* Close-up disk other side


5. Short neck forward
* 2nd view short neck forward
* Short neck backward
* 2nd view short neck backward
* Fix short neck
* 2nd view fix short neck

3. 4th view fix disks * Upper disk test
* 2nd view upper disks
* 3rd view upper disks
* Hiatial Hernia [stuck stomach]
* 2nd view Hiatial Hernia


I can't even begin to express how practical, easy and liberating it is...
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