Doctor Lenny and River:    My family and I were recommended to a chiropractor by good friends after my husband hurt his back so bad that he was facing surgery.  I myself prior to meeting Dr. Lenny and River, had several years of traditional chiropractic bone adjustments to help me with a lot of pain that I was having in my neck, shoulders, and arms.  And I was having headaches almost daily.  Pain that for some reason would just not go away! My job caring for many animals-canines and horses often requires long hours of heavy lifting and I could not get relief from this pain from my normal chiropractor.
    My first appointment with Dr. Lenny and River was not for me or my husband, but for my old Percheron horse Moses, who was having headaches and was in a lot of pain similar to myself.  I stood and watched as Dr. Lenny and River worked though each bone of Moses, finding bones out and adjusting them.  I was shocked and thrilled when Moses picked up his head after his appointment and quickly he got better!  Watching Dr. Lenny and River “Fix” my horse was only the beginning!  Soon my husband, Son and I were traveling to his office for our own appointments.  It was this time I can honestly say that would mark a major change in all of our lives.  At first I admit I was intimated! It was as if Dr. Lenny was looking right through me, and in fact he was!  The knowledge and experiencethat Dr. Lenny has he has earned helping countless people and refining his craft for more than thirty years!  But that is only the cake part of Dr. Lenny.  The frosting part (The best part for me-) of this man is he is an intuitive.  When he told me what bones were out in my neck, that I had discs out too, I had not even made it to the table.  He diagnosed me before he even muscle tested me, I was a bit skeptical but open to this new way of looking at my body and especially to finally be able to understand why I could not heal myself.  Not understanding much about muscle testing I had never heard of it before.  Come to find out that muscle testing is an extremely reliable way to understand strength and weakness in the body.  Dr. Lenny says always “If it is not broken than don’t fix it!”  And as my appointment progressed I noticed he did not move bones that tested strong only the ones that tested weak.  This was also new to me as I was used to getting all the bones moved even if they were fine.  Three years later after having met Dr. Lenny and River and been a patient of his, fortunately before his own life change into a talented workshop leader and away from his chiropractic office I can’t say enough good things about them.
    In his workshops and DVDs he very genuinely shows his love and understanding of his time as a chiropractor and knowledge of the human anatomy sharing so much information.  Really helpful information, I have been significantly helped; I have seen my animals
get well, and Kent is amazing.  He has avoided surgery and is leading a largely pain free and active life.  Not to mention the friends who I have witnessed be helped by this way of chiropractic/ acupuncture/healing of Dr Lenny Kloepper and River.   Dr. Lenny is truly a doctor that could perhaps be only dreamed of or read about in history.  A modern day Shaman.  Completely out of character to our current world of quick fix surgery’s, misdiagnoses and prescriptions.  River is wonderful, knowledgeable and is a confident partner to which the two make a healing teacher team!   My life and the lives of my animals and family have been changed for the better because of this unique approach that Dr Lenny believes and practices and I would highly recommend this approach to everyone!
T. A. B.-M:W
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